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 Mastercam X2-X4 NetHASP crack without patching mastercam.exe

Why MC X3-X4 does not work with Emulator only without patching of mastercam.exe?
Couse it checks computer for some "blacklisted" Emulator"s installed. You can read what "blacklisted"  Emulators mastercam search in Windows Registry in file "who is who .txt"
So if you will delete "blacklisted" emulators, clear a Windows Registry and install "not blacklisted" HASP Emulator you will be able to run MC X2-X4 without patching of mastercam.exe
So what you need to run MC X2-X4 with original (not patched) mastercam.exe
1) Unpack a folders "emul" and  "remove_old_emuls"  to your computer
2) Run "remove_old_emulsdelete_old_emuls.bat"  to CLEAR a Windows Registry from "blacklisted" Emulators
3) Register a corresponding dump (mastercamX2MR2SP1-dealer-unlim.reg  or mastercamX2MR2SP1-industrial-unlim.reg).
4) Install a edited USB-HASP emulator (actualy it"s the same USB-Emulator as befor, but it"s service is renamed from "vusbbus.sys" to "mcamvusb.sys" couse "vusbbus.sys" is blacklisted in X3-X4)
5)  Install MC X3-X4 as NetHASP sim type. If MC X3-X4 was installed as HASP sim type run  "NHaspX.exe" select  SIM type > NetHASP, Mode > Local > OK
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ลองเอา file 2 อันนี้ไป run เพื่อลบของเก่า แล้ว remove โปรแกรม แล้วลงใหม่

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ลงโปรแกรมแล้วเปิดไม่ได้เป็นเพระอะไรคับ ช่วยบอกวิทีด้วย

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